Jonathan W Burton sympathetic brick extension


Jonathan W Burton Architectural Design provides a range of services including:

Free Consultation

Free consultation to discuss your requirements, provide detailed advice on design layout, style, planning matters and building regulations.

Building Design

Following initial discussions with you, a design concept can be developed to establish an approach which meets your requirements. This design will consider your requirements, budgets, and any constraints which may exist legislatively, or on site. The concept can then be developed further to production of planning, and then Building Regulation drawings.

Planning Advice and Planning Applications

Planning legislation exists which legislates and controls the types of development which can, and can’t,
be permitted. Advice will be offered to determine whether your proposal will be considered as Permitted Development, or whether a Planning Application will be required. The relevant application forms for these can then be completed and submitted to the relevant Local Authority for discussion and a decision.

Building Regulations and Construction

Building Regulations exist to ensure a minimum standard of Building is attained to ensure the Health and Safety of Persons using the building. Following the receipt of Planning Permission, the drawings will then
be developed to produce working drawings, which can then be submitted for Building Regulation approval, and also used by your chosen builder to build from. We will liaise with any other Consultants, Structural Engineers, Energy Consultants etc. you may have to appoint, as appropriate, so as to ensure that a fully integrated scheme is achieved.

Construction Phase and Inspections

At this point on domestic / smaller schemes it is usual for us to withdraw from the scheme and the Client to then take over & carry through to completion - as this saves the Client the cost of our fee's for overseeing
the scheme all the way through to completion. We would not recommend the above approach for a large
or complex scheme, but this is dependent upon the level of Client's knowledge / expertise / available time. We would administer the building contract on your behalf, monitoring & reporting upon progress, quality,
and cost of the scheme, up to completion & subsequent defects inspections

For new properties / houses, we will undertake the inspection of the construction work to ensure compliance with the plans and relevant legislation and issue Surveyor’s Certificates for mortgage purposes.